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Elevating Golf Experiences: Aerial Filming with Drones on the Green

In the ever-evolving world of golf course presentation, the marriage of technology and artistry has reached new heights—quite literally. Enter the era of golf course filming using drones, a transformative trend that is reshaping how enthusiasts and players experience their favourite fairways.

Commercial drone pilot and videographer, Dave Devaney, has spearheaded a ground breaking project capturing signature golf holes across the UK. Employing the nimble capabilities of drones, Dave elevates traditional golf course visuals to breath taking new dimensions. His motivation stems from a profound love for both golf and the art of aerial photography.

The beauty of drone filming lies in its ability to showcase golf courses from perspectives previously unimaginable. Sweeping panoramic views of lush fairways, challenging bunkers, and signature holes unfold, providing a comprehensive visual feast for golf enthusiasts. This innovative approach not only celebrates the grandeur of renowned courses but also highlights the unique character and features that make each course a cherished haven for its members.


Beyond aesthetics, this form of filming offers golf courses a powerful marketing tool. Dave ensures that the final footage is a collaboration with course owners having complete control over the representation of their course. The resulting media, shared on various platforms, not only enhances the online presence of golf courses but also engages a wider audience of avid golf aficionados.


As drones gracefully navigate the skies, golf course filming becomes an art form, immortalizing the charm and challenges that define each course. This intersection of technology and tradition promises a future where golf enthusiasts can virtually traverse fairways, appreciating the beauty of the game from unparalleled perspectives.



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