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Sky High Support: Drones Combat Fires and Boost Tourism in Rhodes

In 2023, Rhodes, the sun-kissed Greek island, faced a fiery ordeal. Global warming's wrath fuelled devastating wildfires, scorching landscapes and displacing thousands. Amidst the chaos, Skycams, a volunteer drone organization, soared to the rescue.


Their mission was twofold: battling the blazes and aiding recovery. Collaborating with the Hellenic Fire Service, Skycams trained firefighters in operating drones under extreme conditions. These buzzing eyes in the sky provided crucial real-time aerial data, pinpointing fire perimeters and guiding firefighting efforts. Their expertise proved invaluable in containing the infernos.


But Skycams impact extended beyond firefighting. For property owners left with smouldering properties, aerial footage captured the extent of the damage, expediting insurance claims and aiding reconstruction efforts. Skycams dedication brought invaluable relief to affected communities.


However, the island's spirit refused to be consumed by ashes. Recognizing the need to revive tourism, Skycams turned their lens towards Kiotari and Gennadi, idyllic villages relatively  untouched by the flames. Breath-taking visuals showcasing pristine beaches, vibrant landscapes, and resilient communities were captured. These resort videos, shared online, became beacons of hope, attracting tourists back to the island's unspoiled beauty.


Skycams' 2023 story in Rhodes is a testament to the power of technology and volunteers in times of crisis. They not only helped extinguish flames but also reignited hope, proving that even in the face of global warming's challenges, human ingenuity and compassion can rise above the ashes.

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